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Thursday, June 7, 2007

Is emailcashpro a scam?

I was thinking the EXACT same thing when I first encountered emailcashpro.

I was sceptical. I was doubtful. And I was curious!

For those who have tried internet marketing programs, you will realise there are 1001 different types of programs available online now. What works and what does not? The reality is that we need to give it a try to see how it goes.

Tentative steps into the big grey world of internet marketing
My foray into the world of internet marketing started when I discovered that you can monetise your blog by putting AdSense advertisements on the valuable real estate that is the blog. Following the collapse of the bust, one of the key lessons learnt from that episode was that no matter how good or bleeding edge the technology was or is, you still need to have a viable business in terms of some actual goods or services that is transacted so that value creation can be sustained and meaningful exchange of benefits can take place.

First steps with AdSense
I put in AdSense to my personal blog ganxiezhu and didn't touch it for some time. Then I realise I had to login to my AdSense account to be able to view my account and I realised that I had $1.09 there after 2 months of relative infrequent posts. This piqued my interest and I started to lurk around different forums to see if it was the real deal. After a couple of weekday nights of research, I realise that Google is not valued at USD 500+ a share for nothing. The whole idea of delivering advertisements to content providers websites i.e. blog publishers or website content publishers and only charging advertisers for each click (or conversion) from the page impressions garnered is one of those paradigm shifts in value delivery that one has to try it out to believe. I will post more about my AdSense adventure with real figures and background commentary on how I got there ;-)

So is emailcashpro the real deal?
But let's concentrate on emailcashpro for this post.

Emailcashpro is also a form of advertising. Instead of using the Google model, Emailcashpro's business model is essentially selling advertisers eyeballs using targetting mailing lists of consumers who sign up for specific areas of interest.

From the horse's mouth
This is how it works (source:

"How it works

Step 1: Sign up as a member for FREE

Join EmailCashPro as a member for free and select the kind of emails you are interested in receiving.

Step 2: Read emails that you are interested

Receive Paid Emails that match your profile and interest. These emails will have subject headlines that start with **SoloAd**, followed by a description of the content of the Paid Email. Browse through the subject description. If you are interested in the subject, click on the link in the email to view the content. Click here for a screenshot of a sample Paid Email you will receive.

Once you click on the Paid Link and visit the advertiser's website for 30 seconds, your account will be credited with 1 point. Your accumulated points will then be converted into cash credits on the first week of every month. The conversion is done based on 40% of our total earnings for the previous month. This means we share 40% of our total revenue with our members! Our conversion for the last few months ranges from 0.55 cents to 0.75 cents.

Step 3: Share good stuff with your friends

The most powerful part of EmailCashPro is our 4 level referral system. When you refer other people to join EmailCashPro, you will receive 50% of your referral's earnings on level 1, 20% of your referral's earnings on level 2, 15% of your referral's earnings on level 3 and 10% of your referral's earnings on level 4.

Never underestimate the power of cents. With our 4 level referral system, your income can easily be in the order of $100s a month!

“I’d rather have 1 percent of 100 people’s efforts than 100 percent of my own.” - J. Paul Getty, one of the world's first billionaire.

You can easily build your referral team by sending invitation letters, informing your friends about our latest members only offer or by sharing interesting Paid Emails with them. More details are provided in your Members Login Page.

Step 4: Receive cheque in your letter box

Once your account reaches our minimum payout of S$11, you can request for a cash-out from us. For Singapore members, you can cash out your earning through cheque or paypal. For International members, you can cash out through paypal. All payment will be made in Singapore dollars."

A form of MLM?
It is essentially a form of multi-level marketing in the sense that they also use the concept of downlines as you can see in Step 3. However, unlike traditional forms of MLM, emailcashpro does not require any upfront fee except for your time to enrol more email consumers to expand their eyeballs. However from what I read in forums and posts, it is not easy to make money purely from reading emails as it is literally only a couple of cents for each email and advertiser's website visited. To make serious pocket money, one has to invest in time and effort to sign up more referrals.

I think emailcashpro is worthwhile to give it a try mainly for the educational aspects. I am still a relative newbie in terms of internet marketing techniques and it's good to see for yourself why certain systems work and why others do not. Also, based on my experience, it does not look too good to be true because they do not promise millions. They only hint at making hundreds per month which is not terribly exciting to those who want to MMM (make more money) fast!

If you think you want to try emailcashpro, do sign up on the big button conveniently located above and many thanks! My first $10 of proceeds will be donated to my toastmasters club so I will only benefit after slogging out beyond earning the first $10.

Be well and prosper... And don't forget to click! :-)

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