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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

How to save money daily?

Have you heard of this saying that, "a dollar saved is a dollar earned?"

Saving money is making money. By choosing to go for more economical ways of doing about your daily lives, you can save a lot of money. A forummer by the name of homer123 gave some of his suggestions he read from another forum many years back:

"1. spend more time reading and exercising (jogging, cycling--free anyway) to keep fit to avoid unnecessary illness instead of getting involved in bad activities like drinking or chioning.

2.Avoid any temptation to spend-avoid the shopping centres. Each time, prepare a grocery list and just go to the nearest provision shop and get them... the longer you linger... the more itchy to spend.

3. Recycle/reuse waste water. When taking shower or bath daily, stand inside big bucket and collect bath water running down the body inside bucket. Collect all washing machine rinse water. Use them to flush toilet or wash floor. Enough to last many toilet flush. Save water.

4. When washing hands, use water from container instead of water flowing from tap.

5. Place 1 litre bottle inside toilet cistern to limit water flushing quantity.

6. Let your tap drip overnight into a pail... free water... the meter can't detect small movements... good for mopping floor.

7. Learn to fish. I spend my free time fishing ..The amount of fish I catch every month is enough to last me for a while ..Provide good protein and they are free!

8. Plant some of own veggie. I live near Malaysian Railway track..The land along it is unused and I cleared some plot to plant my veggie.I tried to plant those that grow sweet potato or gourd-type veggie

9. Buy good secondhand electrical good when possible. Save money.

10. Empty refrigerator and buy smaller fridge as much as possible. Eat 2 meals a day and stay thin. Buy only when needed, do not overload fridge.

11. Short distance travel use bicycle. Stop using bus/mrt or taxi. Save travel expense.

12. Use company toilet to bath or s#$% everyday. Save home water usage.

13. Charge all your batteries in the office (save elec bills)

14. Surf in the office... or get the cheapest rates

15. When purchasing computer. Don't buy brand new. Buy secondhand, it is just as good if for normal internet surfing purpose.

16. Cook yourself and Bring own lunch to work...

17. DON'T buy any drinks, even softdrinks cos' they're the most unworthy ones... bring a sports water bottle... Keep one in backpack ... one day at least save $2-$3 on drinks

18. Terminate your Handphone line. Get a pager and a phone card, it is cheaper. It may be inconvenient but you are still contactable.

19. Stop using aircon. Buy electrical fans. Save electricity.

20. Install window film or tinted glass at home to keep heat away from home. Keep house cool and bring down air-con or fan electrical bill.

21. Don't buy newspaper..Read from CC or library.

22. Wear your cloth and shoe until there is a hole before buying a new one."

Do you have your own money savers to contribute? Leave your suggestions in the comments section!

Be well and prosper!


Anonymous said...

Hi joharn99 here, reading up money saving tips.


18. Terminate your Handphone line. Get a pager and a phone card, it is cheaper. It may be inconvenient but you are still contactable.

Actually it is even cheaper if u get a handphone with a prepaid card. Free pager service. aka Caller ID :)

PanzerGrenadier said...

Hi joharn99

Yes, this is an old list because the original forummer who posted this took if off a forum site several years back...

You are right, nowadays can get free incoming call plan or prepaid cards.

Be well and prosper.

jk said...

Good reading stuffs.. I will be bookmarking your blog.

One thing though,.. you may want to post what you sell, buy and hold stocks, so we can have more food of thoughts for the day.

Well, surely this may not be 100% correct,.. but again. Good as a food for thought.

I love your blogging.. keep it up.


PanzerGrenadier said...

Dear jk

Thanks, I will try to post what is inside my portfolio to give people a flavour of my risk preference. :)

Have a good week, be well and prosper.